Chiusi Museo Archeologico

The Farm Villa Fonte Regina is located just 4 km from Chiusi . Etruscan city has about 9,000 inhabitants, rich in history and culture is an archaeological site of international importance : right here at home the most important Etruscan museum and its immediate surroundings are visited several Etruscan tombs . The old town is packed with restaurants , cafes, shops and workshops. Also very famous Duomo with the adjoining Museum and the Underground City .

Chianciano Terme

Even Chianciano Terme, situated approximately 550 meters above sea level and only 14 Km offers all the advantages of climate and tourists due to its happy geographical location. Surrounded by wooded hills of oak, beech , oak and chestnut trees , characterized by a mild climate and is surrounded by a healthy and unpolluted environment , Chianciano Terme has preserved within it a significant amount of green in the thermal parks and public gardens, villas and hotels . Chianciano Terme is today one of the most important ski resorts in Europe with its waters and its large parks .