Lago di Chiusi

The Path of Reclamation runs for about 65 km, along the Val di Chiana , following the master channel della Chiana , the lake of Chiusi to Chiusa dei Monaci, Arezzo. A trip to immerse themselves in nature respecting the times of quiet, walking or cycling. The difference in elevation along the path is minimum 20 meters as well as the difficulties, the ideal path for everyone, big and small. Along the path are reported to the major sites and small villages that are nearby.

And ‘ the ideal route for those who love sports and diving in the environment: all around cultivated fields and a rich fauna that takes advantage of the many natural and urban constraints enjoyed by almost all of the trail . Normal sight will be the evolution of the marsh harrier , while others quite rare birds , such as egrets, herons and flamingos , they will bring no major problems.

The Path of Reclamation is also a journey through time , history and culture : the works of hydraulic engineering , which consist closed at strategic points regimentano yet the scope of the Chiana (now no longer the river, but the channel) , are still visible and demonstrate the high level reached by the hydraulic technique in pioneer times of our ancestors.

Just out from closed , you meet the two small towers that served as customs posts between the Papal States and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany . The trail skirts the lake of Chiusi and Montepulciano shortly after that , then turned decidedly toward the north ; After a few kilometers you will come across a particular structure in brick material : it is the so-called Callone of Valian , a sort of closed eighteenth-century building that was also used to adjust the flow rate of the channel.

On the surrounding hills – all within a few miles – you can spot the profiles of villages known all over the world, such as Montepulciano. The miles are followed by fallow or cultivated fields of corn , tobacco , wheat, following the bank of the canal maestro della Chiana , flowing with almost imperceptible trend . A little further digressions not too demanding enable the achievement of medieval villages such as Torrita of Siena, or the Abbey of Farneta , one of the oldest abbeys in the area.
And pedaling ride , or step by step, without too much effort and enjoying the most beautiful landscape of central Italy.

Information relating to historical and tourist accommodation next to the trail:

The path of drainage can also be covered with bicycle, as well as on arrival at the car , you can take trains from Trenitalia prepared to transport the middle (shown on the schedules).