The Val di Chiana valley is one of about 100 km between the plain of Arezzo and Orvieto and includes the catchment area of ??the Canale Maestro della Chiana.

Testimonies of what is the oldest human settlement in the Val di Chiana derived from archaeological finds of prehistoric and proto-historic , but the real development took place in the Etruscan period when the valley through a period of great prosperity . The splendor and importance of the Val di Chiana in Etruscan is evidenced by numerous archaeological finds from ancient lucumonies of Arezzo , Cortona and Chiusi.

After the Etruscan period , in the Val di Chiana settled the Roman Republic , but due to the overflowing of the river Clanis ( from which the name ) the valley turned into an unhealthy marsh . For a long time the Florentine government , aware of the potential wealth of the Val di Chiana , tried to drain the swamp but only thanks to the construction of the Canale Maestro della Chiana, the problem was solved and the valley dried up turning into a fertile and cultivable land .

The Val di Chiana is also the homeland of the famous Chianina breed of cattle known for its meat and in particular for his loin, from which you will get an excellent steak alla Fiorentina.